Another Haiti Documentary

Does the world really need another Haiti Documentary? One might argue not. Then how is it that following the earthquake so much one-sided story-telling about what was really going on in the country?

Our starting point in making Haiti Untold, was to bring to bear the good news stories of positive change in a sea of despair, of suffering. The point was to produce a Haiti documentary much like the people themselves. Full of hope, and an immeasurable sense of the possible against daunting odds. We would be met at each turn by news outlets needing tragedy and corruption, or worse finding and creating positive stories that simply would never air. The process by which news of the country was being created and filtered needed to be challenged. Welcome to Haiti Untold.

We had the privilege of bringing together such notable collaborators as Sean Penn, (Oscar-winning actor and CEO of NGO JP/HRO) Dennis O’Brien (CEO of Digicel the country’s top mobile phone provider), Dave Toycen (President of World Vision Canada, active in Haiti) Joey Adler (President of Diesel Canada and OneXOne Foundation), George Laracque, (Haitian-born Canadian pro Hockey player) Donna Karan (DKNY), and a host of others.

Making a Haiti documentary was an eye-opening experience and allowed us to discover why Haiti has been called the pearl of the Caribbean: its people.

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